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Friday, June 5, 2015

Kitchen Basics for Baking Bread!

What are some of the basics for baking bread? For a lot of breads there are not a lot of things required, although a good mixer is a must, unless you can do it with your hands. Most of the items needed you probably already have. I no longer can so hubby bought me the best gift I have ever received, a Kitchenaid mixer! I love it, it gets a lot of use that is for sure, I have been making my own bread and baked goods, I have even mixed meatloaf in it!

A cutting Board, I have several different sizes of these, I love the bigger one for kneading bread, while I use the smaller ones for slicing and dicing.

Measuring spoons are a must: my grandmother was able to use a pinch of this and that, I have done this too, but not when I am making bread!

Measuring bowls, I use a variety of measuring cups and bowls, I have two that I like to use, they are the Anchor Hocking brand and come in handy especially when you have to have different bowls for different mixing tasks.

A good baking sheet is a must also, they come in various sizes for your baking needs. 

Baking pans vary for whatever kind of breads you want to make. I sometimes use a baking sheet, or a basic bread pan,but my favorite pan to use for artisan bread baking is a SuperStone Covered Baker.

Other items may include spatulas, wooden spoons etc

When you are letting dough rise, it is important to have it covered correctly, you can use a plastic wrap of some kind greases so it does not stick to the dough, but to me that is a pain, so I like to use a linen type of cloth. I received one like this when I ordered the SuperStone pan, but something like the one pictured here works great.

My latest addition to my baking supplies is a kitchen scale, this one pictured I received for review and I love it. It is called Chef's Necessities and you can read my review here.

The last item I like to have is a cooling rack like this one. They come in various sizes depending on your needs.

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