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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Silicone Hot Handle Pot Holder Mixed Set of 3 For Cast Iron Skillets And Pans Review #SiliconeHotHandlePotHolderSetof3

Product Description

The secret of how to protect your hands when cooking with cast iron skillets or pans, so that you don't forget about the heat and grab the fiery hot handle of the skillet by mistake.
The best hot handle holder to protect you hands
- Perfectly fits most cast iron skillets 
- Highest quality material available 
- Dishwasher safe 
- Protect your hands from -104 ºF to 464 ºF (-40°C to 240°C) 
- Slide onto hot handle 
- No rubber smell when heated 
Makes cast iron cooking easy and safe
- You can have the handle holder on the whole time when cooking on the stove so you don't grab the cast iron by mistake. 
- Takes up very little space in your drawer. 
- Secure, comfortable and stable grip 
- 5-5/8-inch by 2-inch 
- BPA Free 
- FDA Approved 
The major advantage with having a removable handle holder opposed to having a permanent protective handle holder on the skillet is that it enables using a cast-iron skillet in hot oven without ruining the handle.
The handle holder should be taken off cookware before put into hot oven.
Life time No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee!
My Thoughts

This set of Silicone Hot Handle Pot Holders is perfect to use with cast iron skillets or pots. In this set, there are two handle holders, a long one and a shorter one plus a wider holder. . They are made for using with cast iron, but they worked perfectly on my T-Fal. I have a whistling teapot that I had hoped the handles worked with because the handle on that gets extremely hot. Made of thick silicone, heat resistant, do not put it in the oven though as that would defeat the purpose. I have spinal stenosis and have nerve damage and it is important for me to have my hands protected from the heat. For people who use cast iron skillets consistently I think this product is perfect. The set I received was red and you certainly can not miss that in your utensil drawer!

I received a set of the Silicone Hot Handle Pot Holders for my honest opinion, I was not monetarily compensated.

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