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Monday, November 23, 2015

Burnie's Bean Espresso Whole Bean Coffee! #Sudamerica

Product Description

Espresso Whole Bean Coffee, USDA Organic as well as Fair Trade Certified
Looking for Organic and Fair Trade, taste-packed coffee beans? Look no further!
- Are you done with low quality, tasteless and odorous beans?
- Do you feel uneasy about small coffee farmers being exploited?
- Does environmental pollution make you feel queasy?
- Wouldn't you just love to enjoy the same quality coffee at home as you do in your favorite coffee shop?
Burnie's Beans knows no greater joy than addressing all of your concerns!
Specially selected, high quality, Organic, Fair Trade coffee beans
- Wonderfully fragrant coffee with a vibrant, yet well-balanced taste
- A coffee bean that contributes to the fight against the exploitation of coffee farmers and simultaneously reduces our CO₂ footprint. These coffee beans are traded in a fair manner and are produced with respect for nature, without chemical pesticides or fertilizers.
- High-quality coffee beans, high-quality taste!
Amazone Buyers rate our Burnie's Beans brand as a Quality Premium product. Burnie's Beans come with a You'll totally love it or you get all your money back - Guarantee. No questions asked.


My Review

I love a good cup of strong coffee in the morning, kind of gets my motor started. Of course, an espresso blend is probably the strongest you can get. I received a 2lb bag of Burnie's Bean Espresso Whole Bean Coffee for my honest review. I made a pot in my French Press for hubby and I this morning and we was both completely satisfied. Strong but not bitter, the coffee is  Fair Trade Certified and USDA Organic which is a plus in my book. 

I not only use an espresso coffee just to drink in the morning, but I bake with it in a chocolate cake, I make latte's frequently and Burnie's Bean espresso coffee will be perfect for this.

If you are looking for a great espresso coffee than you need to try Burnie's Bean Espresso Whole Beans, because what better way to get coffee is by the whole bean rather than pre ground as you can have a much fresher cup of coffee this way.

I received this product for review and was not monetarily compensated for my thoughts. 

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